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attn: friends-list [23 Jul 2011|01:26pm]
since i'm too cheap for a rename, i'm moving to [info]puck. Please run the button below if you love me :)
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npcs [07 Jan 2000|05:14pm]

Non-Played Characters (NPCs)

jared johnson
Jared Johnson, aka JJ, 28, lives in House 58 and is a nightmare to his neighbors. Jared inherited the property in 2009, when his great-great-aunt Augusta passed away. The house, a 8 bedroom, 4.5 bathroom historical building, was Jared's dreams come true. A lazy stoner with no ambition in life, JJ had been kicked out of several fraternities for failing to, well, enroll in classes. He stopped attending classes when he was 21, but never could quite give up the college life style. His solution for it was to open a student house of sorts in his great-great aunt's house and live off of the rent he charges each of the seven college students who live there. In theory, it works for everyone, but Jared's tendency to have too-loud, too-wild parties at all times during the night, week or weekends, has resulted in several 911 disturbance calls and fines. His answer? Kids will be kids! And if you hear whispers about any pot dealing happening there, you can't always trust the rumor mill! Except, when you can.
"a thousand faces" bill
William Gamot, 72, better known as "a thousand faces" bill, is perhaps the neighborhood's most eccentric senior citizen. No one has ever been able to tell whether or not Bill's fantasies of being a former CIA agent are true, but the important thing is that he believes it. Whether impaired by a mental disorder or simply bored of retirement, ATF Bill never leaves entertainment to be desired. Often caught up in some sort of paranoid conspiracy theory, the old man walks around town in disguises, each week a new one and each one more obvious than the other - though the entirety of the neighborhood indulges his delusions by pretending they have no idea it is him behind whatever fake identity he has managed to come up with that day. He may be crazy, but he is their kind of crazy and everyone is pretty protective of ATF Bill as it is.
ellie ellison
Before you decide to fight with your boyfriend, kick your youngest out of your house, or pinch the butt of the woman who passes out parking tickets, you might want to make sure that Ellie Ellison isn't around. If you have a secret you don't want anyone to know, she'll get her hands on it and make it fodder for her Sunday morning grocery trips. Time to gossip, ladies! Then again, if you ever want to know what's going on in Town Square, Ellie would be happy to tell you! Much obliged, even. But you might want to duck when passing by her window. She's watching you.
ms. rogers
If it isn't enough that you have to look around to make sure Ellie Ellison isn't watching you, you might want to check your back to make sure that Ms. Rogers, the town's psychic, isn't going to sneak up, tap you on your shoulder, and tell you something about your future you'd rather not know. Like how you're going to die at the age of 38, that your boss is sleeping with your wife, or that the Patriots aren't going to the Super Bowl this year... again. Sure, she's wrong 99.9% of the time, but the last thing you want to hear before Happy Hour is one of her predictions. She's been right a handful of times, and you don't want the next time to be you.
"the mad batter"
You've heard everything good and bad about "The Mad Batter's" baked goods. You've heard he's a nice guy and they're the best treats you'll eat in your life. They're like a trip to heaven on a Monday morning, and blowing on a daffodil to make a wish. Then again, you've also heard that he was the one who murdered his wife. And that secret ingredient in all his goodies? Her fat. Maybe she was murdered before you got here, or maybe she's just a vague memory to you, but she was a large woman, and the Mad Batter would need a lot of freezers for all that fat. Either way, chances are you shelve your concerns about his baking, chat him up before you head off to work, and take a bite of a cupcake before wondering: Really, what is it that makes them so good?
raj kuppalli
Raj Kuppali is lucky enough to have the unending supply of his dad's cash without the responsibility to go along with it. In fact, Mr. Kuppali has forbidden him from even looking at the family's business accounts, because he just might jinx their luck. Raj doesn't mind too much. Why worry himself with finances and clients when he could go big! Every major holiday, and sometimes just for a Tuesday, Raj dips into his father's deep pockets and the town reaps the benefits. Carousels, moon bounces, fireworks, whack-a-mole, seasonal food, maybe a bottle of Jaeger (don't tell the cops! though he could just pay them off) - if he can dream it up, you and your kids will be able to join it. So while he's not the warmest of people, it might be a good idea to swing past lot 17, just in case.

activities [06 Jan 2000|05:12pm]



Plot Prompts are writing prompts given to a character to portray minor events that happen in every day life that are typically outside their control. They can be fun or thought provoking, but in general will not affect a character's overall plot. For example, a plot prompt might read as follows:

  • Your flight was delayed for two hours today. Hopefully you won't miss any important meetings or interviews!
  • You went grocery shopping today and left your shopping cart unsupervised for just one moment. However, when you came back, it was no longer where you'd left it. You checked out all the other corridors, but no sign of your cart. And it had taken you almost an hour to get everything in! What to do now?
Narrative and blog prompts, while similar, might be more generic in nature, such as "Describe how, where and when your first kiss happened and how you felt about it" or "Pick a favorite moment of when you were 15 and write about it."

Prompts are not mandatory, so if you get one that you don't feel would fit your character, you are free to ignore it or request a new one. They also don't have an expiration date, so you are free to work it into your character's plot whenever you see fit.

Example: Round #2


The moderators will present a series of situations, specifying the number of characters, the actions they must perform and what their goal in this thread is. You may notice that most of these Challenge Threads sound a lot like plot prompts, with the difference that they can only be done in pairs or larger groups. Here are some guidelines:

  1. Challenge threads are to be used as ways to motivate interaction. They should not, under any circumstances, be the only time we see players in the game. Each player is required to have a personal plot that may or may not be influenced by these threads.
  2. Plot prompts should not be ignored over Challenge Threads. They are meant to work together. If you don't like the prompt you were given, please contact one of the moderators and we will come up with something else.
  3. You will notice that these challenges are broader than plot prompts and the player has free reign over the specifics of the situation. This means your imagination can run free with them, but do keep in mind to hold a realistic line in them. Should something be out of tone with what the game stands for, the moderators hold the right to ask the players to edit their posts. But, everything is negotiable.



Bite Size News are periodic headlines and topics of importance that would figure in the local or national newspapers. They are usually "news" written in three lines or less designed to prompt journal topics and conversation. The Bite Size News will often include city-wide events, to add game-wide plot points and other events. All players may contribute to this.

Example: Bite Size News


Let's face it: if gossip were a class, every single student would get an A+. The moderators have designed a rumor mill feature that will work with Plot Prompts to move along individual and overall plot.

Please note that everything that is posted in the Overheard feature is hearsay alone and will not be considered game canon unless the player of the character whose name is attached to the rumor chooses for it to be so. As such, it is likely that most of the rumors in the Overheard feature will be acknowledged by most of the characters in the game, but they will hold no truth to them, unless the player of that character makes it so.

Players may submit rumors by commenting the Dropbox and the moderators will add them as they see fit in the next Overheard column. On-going "secret" plots will not be added to the rumors column, unless requested by the players themselves.

Rumors may many times be about no one in particular and just a juicy or funny piece of information for players to feed off of. They will be posted periodically at the moderator's discretion and will be composed of short snippets of conversations heard in the streets and businesses.


"Did you hear The Teen Mom has been missing school again?"
"Another baby?"
"I don't know. I heard maybe it was gonorrhea."
*snort* "Yeah? Probably from fucking the entire football team."
"Tell me about it."

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Like any of the activities?



members area [05 Jan 2000|05:05pm]

Members Area

Hello and welcome to townsquare! We're going to keep things really simple, because the important thing is to make yourself comfortable and jump right into play!

Please run the friends-add button below. You must be signed-in to click on it.

That being done, you're welcome to introduce your character(s) in the OOC community ([info]frenchexit) in order to allow for other players to brainstorm connections and lines with those coming in. Once you are in game, please remember to be courteous to new players who have been accepted and reply to their introduction posts to make them feel welcomed into the community, as well.

When posting your first in-character entry, please note that it should not be an "introduction" post, unless your character really is new to the journal network. It is assumed that characters keep up with their personal blogs and have been for however long it fits their history. The first in-character entry should be an ordinary blog entry that your character would post about current events in their lives or the world.

There are three communities to keep things simple, yet organized:

IC: the in-character community, [info]publictransit, will host all in-character activity in the form of threads, scene logs and deliveries.

TEXTS & COMMUNICATIONS: another in-character community, [info]tstexts, will host all in-character activity in the form of text messages, e-mails, voicemails and other character-to-character communications.

OOC: the out-of-character community, [info]frenchexit, will host all out-of-character communication. Player introductions, plot posts, scene requests, random character development memes or anything else players deem relevant to the characters and communities.

As you can see, there are no random, lyrics, intro, etc communities. While random posts are encouraged, they can be done with characters' journals! For consistency's sake, it is assumed that all character journals are joined together by an on-line network.

  1. The character journals will work as personal blogs.
  2. All the journals are connected to a network and several different virtual communities.
  3. Based on common interests, such as participating in the 'Providence, Rhode Island' community, other characters would be able to freely add you to their own network of friends, which would explain how everyone has access to the journals. The same goes for adding friends of friends.
  4. Even if your character doesn't use journals often, having them be a part of the 'Providence, Rhode Island' community would allow them to read all of the friends posts when logged in.

Please remember this is a community that encourages open, journal-based interaction. This means that players are more than welcome to post their logs in the IC community, as well as in-depth journal entries with relevant thoughts and events for the characters. Random entries are also encouraged, in addition to detailed ones!

Due to the emphasis on journal-based interaction, AIM is neither necessary nor required. If you would like to make an IC SN for your character, please feel free to include this somewhere in your journal, but note that there will be no buddy list available for download.

In order to keep things running smoothly and keeping in mind that being in a community is all about being mindful of everyone else around you, as well as your own plots and developments, please note the following posting guidelines:

  1. ALL images, videos and gifs should go under a LJ-cut. The same is valid for long entries or content. This is in order to save layouts, as well as to make it easier for people who use their phones to navigate the game to access all the entries available.
  2. ALL sensitive subject matter should have clear warnings, along with the actual rating. For a rating system, feel free to use this system. Please use your common sense when posting any trigger or sensitive content. This includes, but is not limited to language, drugs, sexual content, nudity, violence and gore and any other subject matter that might trigger unpleasant reactions in the readers.
  3. Seeing as a lot of our players access the game at their work places, all Not Safe For Work (NSFW) content should be under a cut and icons used on main entries must be G rated. Comments are fair game, but the friends-page should be generally work safe.
  4. We encourage all kinds of creative situations you want to throw your character in, but please be realistic about the IC drama you create and how it plays out. Letting things develop organically tends to have an incredible pay-off as far as character development goes.
  5. Please tag your posts! It helps keep everything organized and as our content volume grows, it will make it easier for you to find your own or someone else's activity on that long lost thread you need a reference to. Everyone can add and edit tags, so if you see a post that's untagged, feel free to hop on it and help us out.

Lastly, make sure to have your writing preferences stated in your OOC contact post. Your (IC or OOC) AIM sn, should you choose to use one, should also be stated in this post. Please make sure this post is public and pinned to the top of your journal. This may be done by using the "Backdate" option in your Edit Entry page and setting the year to anything after 2012.

Please note: characters must show signs of activity (journal entry, thread, commenting to others) within a week of acceptance in order to avoid being removed for inactivity!

Here is a suggestion of the info you should have up in your contact post. Formatting is, of course, up to each player:

AIM logs: y/n, preferred?
Threading: y/n, preferred?
E-mail/GoogleDocs/etc.: y/n, preferred?
Random scenes: y/n?
OOC chat: y/n?
Mature scenes: y/n?
Third-person/past tense: y/n?
Other: any other preferences?
Copy and paste in your entry, in your preferred format:

Because of the no AIM feature, in-character contact posts (spam/character inbox/etc.) are also encouraged, but should not comprise the entire participation of a character in the community. Regular journal entries are encouraged over spam interaction, as are threads and scenes over first-person interaction! Make sure to "backdate" and "pin" this to the top of your journal as well, in order not to disrupt the friends-page.

That's all, you're finally free to enjoy the game now!


directory [04 Jan 2000|04:59pm]

locations [03 Jan 2000|04:54pm]


On this page, you will find a listing of all the buildings located in the four blocks in which the game takes place. We have not taken the time to describe each building in full, as there are so many of them. However, as characters are picked up, we will detail the ones that are more commonly used in game. Some buildings/businesses have extra description on other pages, thanks to generous players - these are linked if they are available. We realize the map is a bit wonky, as far as scaling goes, but this is the time to use your imagination!

1. The Tech Bench (Repair shop) [more]
2. Sweet Escapes (Candy Shop) [more]
3. Scorch (restaurant) [more]
6. Malachi's Pub [more]
7. McDonald's
8. The Edge (Coffee Shop) [more]
9. Flora's Garden (Florist) [more]
10. Providence Art Gallery [more]
11. Haruki Sushi [more]
12. Spin it Again Records [more]
13. Essex Motel [more]
14. A Novel Idea (Bookstore) [more]
15. Colonial Dance Academy (dance school) [more]
16. Forever Yours Jewelers [more]
17. Raj's Entertainment Center [more]
18. Bank of America
19. Debbie's Bail Bonds
20. Rhode Island Hospital
21. Police Department & Fire Department [more]
22. Southend Village Apartments [more]
23. CVS Drugstore
24. Alter Ego Fashions (Clothing)
25. Step Out Shoes (Shoe store) [more]
26. Body Kneads (Massage House & Spa) [more]
27. Manicotti Auto Shop [more]
28. Joe's Crab Shack
29. Strands Salon [more]
30. The Elektrik Chair (Tattoo & Body Piercing) [more]
31. Blue Monkey Fortune Telling
32. Arcade Lofts (Apartment Building) [more]
33. HandiWash Laundromat
34. Comina Housewares
35. Providence Post Office
36. Office Building [more]
37. Office Building [more]
38. Home Depot
39. Up Your Alley Bowling [more]
40. Stop & Shop Supermarket [more]
41. The Silly Knickers (Pub) [more]
42. All Paws Pet Center [more]
43. Fitness Together [more]
44. Lost Then Found (Private Eyes)
45. Ultimate Sport (Sports gear) [more]
46. Shell Gas & convenience
47. The Last Picture Show (Movie theater) [more]
48. Nerd Herd (Video games) [more]
49. Comickaze (Comic books) [more]
50. What's Brewin' (Wine and Cheese Shop)
51. Enterprise Parking Lot
52. Enterprise Rent-A-Car
53. Starbucks [more]
54. Golden Dragon Chinese Takeout [more]
55. The Mad Batter's Cakes and Creations [more]
56. Angel's Bistro [more]
57. House [more]
58. House [more]
59. House [more]
60. House [more]
61. House [more]
62. House [more]
63. House [more]
64. House [more]
65. House [more]
66. House [more]
67. House [more]
68. House [more]

1. The Tech Bench (Repair shop)
Open 7am-8pm, Mon-Sat

The Tech Bench is a family owned and operated business, founded in 1976. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is committed to providing the customer with a pleasant, hassle-free experience. We'll go the extra mile to ensure that you get the best value when you purchase any of our high-quality services or products. Our professional staff takes the time to answer your questions completely and to find the best products to meet your needs. DON'T GAMBLE WITH OTHER COMPANIES, TECH BENCH IS THE BEST!


2. Sweet Escapes (Candy Shop)
8am-7pm Mon-Fri; 9am-6pm Sat

Sweet Escapes has been around since the 80s and plans on staying around forever! With their specialty being chocolate, they pride themselves on making the best quality chocolate on the East Coast. Though they do offer a variety of candies for the young and old, the only candy that is made on site are their chocolates (of which they always do custom orders!) and taffy. The owner and the employees pride themselves on giving their customers a friendly and welcoming atmosphere when they come into the shop.

Kenneth Smith, [info]kennethsmith - clerk

3. Scorch [detailed view]
8am-7pm Mon-Fri; 9am-6pm Sat

Providence's top chef elevates the concept of a steakhouse with Scorch by celebrating the flavors of wonderful seasonal ingredients sourced from small family farms and artisanly producers. The a la carte menu features a wide selection of steaks including corn-fed and grass-fed beef and several cuts of Kobe beef. In addition to meat, Scorch serves amazingly fresh fish and shellfish as part of its mouth-watering chilled seafood assortment.


Evan Reinhardte - [info]reinhardte

6. Malachi's Pub [detailed view]
Open 4pm-2am, Mon-Thur; 4:00p-3:00a Fri-Sat, closed Sun

Malachi's Pub has been a part of Providence for the last 92 years. It has a bar stocked with a smorgasbord of alcohol and a menu of great entrees. It's a popular gathering place for all drinking ages and has managed to evolve with the times. Open Monday-Saturday, the pub has weekly events and specials that keep the locals coming back for more. Tuesdays the pub plays host to karaoke. Thursdays the pub has a small comedy corner. And Saturdays local musicians are given the opportunity to test their newest love songs with an audience. [description taken from [info]youarehere]

Kenneth Smith, [info]kennethsmith - bouncer

8. The Edge (Coffee Shop)
Open 5am-7pm, Mon-Sun

During the 90s, where coffee shops were all the rage, the owners of The Edge were determined to make sure they would last long enough to survive in case the big boom was ever to die out. Knowing they also had to compete with Starbucks, which was on the rise as well, the owners took input from the community to see what they were really looking for in coffee. And what the community wanted was good coffee, great food, reasonable prices and of course, involvement in the local community. So with that, The Edge remains open to this day providing a quality blend of coffee and food, along with allowing community members to share their art, music or anything at all during their community night events. They also will help host parties, such as wedding showers, and baby showers.


Alex Cho - [info]alexcho

9. Flora's Garden (Florist)
Open 9am-6pm, Mon-Fri



10. Providence Art Gallery


Jennifer McCall - [info]jenrenee
Enrique Miro - [info]quique, featured artist

11. Haruki Sushi
Open 11am to 4PM and 6PM to 12am, Mon-Sun

If you are looking for genuine 100% Japanese food, you better take a bus or train up North or fly over to Japan because this restaurant is about 65% authentic Japanese food. Even though it not the real deal, it is one of the best places in town to get a meal if you want an alternative from the typical fast-food restaurant and other foreign-American food places. Offering up food choices like sushi, hibachi, and different types of noodles, you are more than likely to find a food option that will make you a very happy and full patron.


12. Spin it Again Records
Open 10a-10pm, Mon-Sun

You know that movie "High Fidelity"? Yeah, this record store is nothing like that movie. Though it is one of the few music stores that STILL sell vinyl records (you know those giant black circles before compact discs), it remains popular with the young and old. They have every genre music you can think of, but if they don't have what you're looking for, they will order it. And because of the wide selection of vinyl, they are very popular with DJs (those who spin records and not use a computer). One other thing that keeps them in business is the connection to the local music scene, allowing local musicians to perform or sell their music in the store.

Owner: Lindsey Rhodes - [info]lindseyrhodes

Livyana Rosenblum - [info]livros

13. Essex Motel
Open 24 hours, Mon-Sun

This historic motel has been around the 1920s and currently looks like they stopped updating it in the 1990s. This motel has a very storied history, as well as multiple urban legends that surround it. Part of its history is reportedly that it was once a hideout for many mobsters trying to hide from police or former members they ratted out. One of the many urban legends of the hotel involve ghosts of former mobsters running out through the motel and causing mayhem. There have also been reports of former "working girls" ghosts giggling in the lobby area late at night. During the '50s, it was not too successful due to the owners at the time trying to restrict certain "undesirable" individuals from being able to rent a room from them. It was in the '60s that the motel finally righted itself under new management. It is not in bad shape now, but it could use a few coats of paint and new furniture.


14. A Novel Idea (Bookstore)
Open 8am-9pm, Mon-Sun

A Novel Idea is the largest used and rare bookstore in the smallest state in the US. A Novel Idea has been buying and selling all types of books for over twenty-six years. They have a stock of approximately 70,000 volumes covering all categories from vintage paperbacks, pulps, and collectible ephemera to antiquarian volumes on many subjects. New stock is added daily. Email them if you are looking for items you do not find online. If you're in the Providence, RI area, why not stop by and browse the shelves!


15. Colonial Dance Academy (Dance School)
Hours: M-F 9am-5pm; Sat. 9am-3pm; After hours practice space available with reservation.

Founded in 2009 by former members of the award-winning Festival Ballet Providence, The Colonial Dance Academy became the premiere school for ballet and modern dance in the greater Providence area. With strong connections to Festival Ballet Providence, many of the academy's students often participate in Festival's holiday production of The Nutcracker as well as a spring showcase observed by companies all over the world. CDA provides classes in ballet, hip hop, modern, and musical theater dancing styles for any age group.



16. Forever Yours Jewelers (Jewelry Store)
Open 8am-6pm, Mon-Friday


17. Raj's Entertainment Center

Raj's Entertainment Center is the brain child of Raj Kuppalli, a bored heir with a lot of money and idle hands. He bought the lot and has since used it to fill the void in his soul, left there by never quite fulfilling his parents' expectations. But if he can't be liked by his folks, then he sure as hell will be liked by this neighborhood, damn it! Even if he has to buy them off with free fairs, parties and events. The Entertainment Center holds events all year round, but admission is always free for those in the community. It is Raj's way of getting a favorable opinion to his admittedly eccentric personality. Community celebrations and meetings are typically held at the Entertainment Center, even if sometimes Raj goes on a bit of a dictatorial spiel on how things must be run.

Raj Kuppalli - NPC

20. Rhode Island Hospital

Bryce Hunt - [info]brycehunt - phlebotomist Lucas Moura - [info]moura - surgical resident

21. Police Department & Fire Department
Open 7a-9pm, Mon-Sun, 911 for Emergency services

These brave men and women make up the local police and fire departments in the area. The two departments share the same space, with a mostly outdated computer system that always seems to be two days behind with the department memos. It's no wonder that past parking tickets sometimes slip through the office cracks while the department struggles to go electronic. Maybe technology is more trouble than it is worth.

Police Officers:


22. Southend Village Apartments

The apartment building located on Chapel St. is five stories high and has apartments available ranging from bachelor style ones to three bedrooms, two bathrooms. The rent, similarly, ranges from $800 to $2100 a month. The rooms are small, but the building offers private balconies to each apartment and each main room is cable ready for television and internet hook-ups. Heat and water are included in the rent, parking is an additional fee starting at $75 a month. Pets are not allowed, but are often snuck in anyways. There are two elevators serving the building, but one is almost always down. There is only one large laundry room on the basement floor and the machines are usually busy during the day; 2am might just be the best time to try and sneak your clothing in. In general, the building is a little run-down and the landlord and maintenance crew a bit slack--don't be surprised if it takes them awhile to deal with any issues. The tenants complain about noise in the building a lot, as the walls are thinner than...anyone would like. Southend Village Apartments is mostly home to twenty-somethings and elderly residents. [description take from [info]youarehere]


Bryce Hunt - [info]brycehunt
[Apt 1C] 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom. Shared.

Ava Pham, [info]opham & Hannah Todd, [info]nahh
[Apt 1C] 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom. Shared.

Peter Holland - [info]peterholland
[Apt 2A] 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom. Shared.

Derek Moore, [info]derekmoore
[Apt 2B] 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom. Shared.

Dannie Johnson, [info]dannie
[Apt 3A] 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom. Not shared.

Six Moody, [info]moodysix
[Apt 3C] 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom. Not shared.

Daniel Alvares, [info]dalvares
[Apt 3E] 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom. Not shared.

Jennifer McCall, [info]jenrenee
[Apt 4A] 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, not shared.

Susan Keller, [info]susa
[Apt 4B] 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, not shared.

Avery Edmunds, [info]eavery
[Apt 4D]

Scarlett Santiago, [info]sant
[Apt 5A] 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, not shared.

Corinne Davies, [info]corid & Lucas Foxman, [info]foxman
[Apt 5C]

Mitchell Grant, [info]mhgrant
[Apt 5D] 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom.

Lindsey Rhodes, [info]lindseyrhodes
[Apt 5E] 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom. Not shared

Spencer Quinn, [info]spen
[Apt 6A]

Tobin Mallard, [info]tmallard
[Apt 6B] 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom. Not shared

Ryan Foreman, [info]rforeman
[Apt 6E]

25. Step Out Shoes (Shoe Store)

26. Body Kneads (Massage House & Spa)
Open 7am to 7pm, Mon-Sun

If you ever have a constant pain, are recovering from an accident, or just require a massage, come on down to Body Kneads! But this massage place also has a secret, that is known to a select few that are willing to cough up the required extra dough. If you ever need an extra "helping hand", they are more than willing provide the services. Also, if you need some eye candy or "companionship," they are willing to do that as well - for a hefty fee, of course.


27. Manicotti Auto Shop

Owner: Luke Manicotti, [info]manicotti

Dannie Johnson, [info]dannie - mechanic

29. Strands Salon



30. The Elektrik Chair (Tattoo Parlor)



Jake Kanners - [info]jakekanners
Laine Shelby - [info]laine
Tobin Mallard - [info]tmallard (receptionist)
Ayala Martell - [info]amartell

32. Arcade Lofts (Apartment Building)

Arcade Lofts offers spacious, secure, quiet, and clean apartments to residents of Revere. Six stories high and a relatively new building, they offer places starting at $1400 a month, going up to $3600. The smallest apartment available is a one bedroom, one bathroom with den; the largest, three bedrooms, two bathrooms. All apartments feature laminate flooring, appliances, and large balconies. Water, heat, and electricity is included in your rent, underground parking is an extra fee of $80 a month. The apartments are cable ready for television and internet, feature intercom security, and have excellent soundproofing. The building has three elevators and laundry facilities on every floor. There are on-site building managers and emergency & maintenance staff available 24 hours a day. However, there are rumors that the landlord is a little...mean. And the doorman, a little creepy. Arcade Lofts is home mainly to professionals. [description taken from [info]youarehere.


Alex Cho - [info]alexcho
[Apt 1C] 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, not shared.

Noah Jackson - [info]njcksn
[Apt 2C] - 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom. Not shared.

Jack Quaide - [info]quaide
[Apt 3C] 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom. Not shared.

Kenneth Smith - [info]kennethsmith
[Apt 4C] 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom. Not Shared.

Mal Prentiss - [info]mlcom
[Apt 4G] 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom. Not Shared.

Milo Alvares - [info]malvares & Lucinda "Lu" Weintraub, [info]luweintraub
[Apt 4H] 2 bedroom, 1 1/2 bathroom. Shared.

Penelope Ostrowski - [info]postrow
[Apt 5B] 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom. Not Shared.

Alexander Kinsella - [info]agk
[Apt 6A] Not shared.

Gianni "Jon"" Pastorino - [info]pastorino
[Apt 6B] 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom. Not shared.

Andrew Wilde - [info]anwilde
[Apt 6C] 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom. Shared.

36. Office Building


Machines with Magnets

Machines with Magnets is a creative services agency in Providence, Rhode Island. The robots are a team of writers, producers, editors, and designers dedicated to capturing creativity with common sense strategies to get things done.

Machines with Magnets is a small shop, jam-packed with diverse and award-winning talent coming from houses such as Digital Kitchen, DDB, brand new school, and Push Creative. As great creative culture stems from a collaborative philosophy, we partner with top directors, composers, and artists to deliver emotionally persuasive messaging for TV, film, marketing, advertising, and PR with no drama and no fuss. [description edited from Birdhouse Creative.

Milo Alvares - [info]malvares (Creative Producer)
Sloane Whelan - [info]aswhelan (Freelancer)
Hannah Todd - [info]nahh (Intern)

37. Office Building


Walbert, Goldstone, & Bradfield, Ltd.

Walbert, Goldstone, & Bradfield, Ltd., is a firm of financial specialists who provide quality audit, accounting, business and personal financial consulting, tax services and litigation support to a diverse group of companies and individuals. Our depth of knowledge, years of experience and total commitment to customer satisfaction enables us to deliver the highest degree of professionalism to our clients. We take our responsibility for helping our clients manage their financial assets very seriously and appreciate this opportunity to describe how we can assist you with the same degree of skill, professionalism and concern.

Christopher Lancaster - [info]lanc - Marketing Coordinator

38. Home Depot



39. Up Your Alley Bowling


Daniel Nowakowski - [info]dowski

40. Stop & Shop Supermarket
Open 6am-12am, Mon-Sun; closed Christmas Day

Local supermarket featuring a wide variety of items. They include a full deli, one-hour photo developing and a small pharmacy. The business also boasts a full produce, meat and organic/natural food department. The local newspaper always includes a weekly insert featuring specials and coupons for the public.



41. The Silly Knickers (Gastropub)
Open M-Th 11am - 2:30am; F-Sa 10:30am-3:30am, Sunday 11am-3:30am

The Silly Knickers is in a building that was originally built as a theatre in the 1920's. Later a cinema, then a dance studio, then a furniture store, it has most recently operated as a Blockbuster Video. Thoroughly refurbished, it is now a gastropub: the old dressing rooms to stage right are now a large professional kitchen, plus a staff area and store room, and to stage left are now the patron bathrooms and a small dressing room for bands. The old ticket booth is now an area where playing bands can sell their merchandise, and there is a large curved bar along the wall opposite the emergency exits. The floor is filled with booths and tables, and there is a second floor gallery with smaller tables. A large party room with a full bar is also up on the second floor. A private internal stairway leads up to the two three-bedroom apartments on the third floor.

Staff Notes: Nate is the owner/manager, and primarily works behind the bar or in the office. Jack DiAngelo (npc) is the head bartender and works Wednesday to Sunday. Matt McLaren (npc) is the head cook, and works 7 days a week. The head waitress is Estelle Mendez (npc), who works 6 days. All staff get a free meal if they work a shift longer than 6 hours, and receive wages that are well above average. All tips are evenly divided between the staff. If Nate is ever away, Matt will be in charge of the bar.

Nathan Portnoy - [info]nateportnoy

Rhys Witt, [info]rhyswitt - bartender

42. All Paws Pet Center (Vet Clinic & Pet Shop)
Open 6a-10pm, Mon-Sat; Sun by appointment only; 24 hour emergency hotline

Providing services for all pets, large and small! They offer the best possible pet care at a reasonable price, whether it is simply boarding or complicated surgical procedures. The business also houses a small pet shop with a large variety of accessories and everything one could need to bring a new pet home.


Avery Edmunds, [info]eavery

43. Anytime Fitness
MON 6:00AM -10:30AM / 12:30PM - 7:30PM
TUE 6:00AM - 10:30AM / 12:30PM - 7:30PM
WED 6:00AM - 10:30AM / 12:30PM - 7:30PM
THU 6:00AM - 10:30AM / 12:30PM - 6:00PM
FRI 6:00AM - 10:30AM / 12:30PM - 6:00PM
SAT 7:30AM - 11:00AM

Working out at Fitness Together is not a competition for best body or most stylish outfit. You will find a different attitude here – and an understanding that good health is more than looking good; it’s feeling good, too. As a member of Fitness Together, you will have the full support and encouragement of a fitness specialist to get you started, answer your questions and help you reach your health and fitness goals. New members start out with a thorough fitness assessment and exercise program at no extra cost. Discounts are offered to Providence Health Plan members and to those referred by a physician or health care provider.


Daniel Nowakowski - [info]dowski - errand boy
Michael McLaughlin - [info]ughlin- trainer / staff supervisor
Monica Guerra - [info]monguer - trainer / staff supervisor

45. Ultimate Sport



47. The Last Picture Show (Movie theater)
Open 10am-12am, Mon-Sat; 8am-10pm, Sun

Housing an eight-screen theater, and recently upgraded 3D projectors, The Last Picture Show offers discounted matinee tickets as well as student and senior citizen discounts. They also provide an extensive (and expensive) concession stand for all of your snacking needs. There is a sign posted asking that no outside food and drink are brought into the theater building, but it is rarely enforced by employees.



48. Nerd Herd (Video games)
Open 10am-10pm, Mon-Sun

A recent addition to the area, this former storefront has been many businesses through the years. Currently the building houses the local video game superstore, as well as video game console repair bench. The business has been known to sell old-school game consoles and games they have fixed up that were found at yard sales or through friends. They have a wide variety of games for every age group and provide gift cards or suggestions for those hard to buy for gamer on your shopping list.

Peter Holland - [info]peterholland
Alex Cho - [info]alexcho

49. Comickaze (Comic books)
Open 9am-6pm, Mon-Sat

Founded by two college graduates looking for an outlet for their comic book obsession in the 70s, Comickaze is where you go if you're looking to buy a comic book for that special nerd in your life. Specializing in both new and older releases, their current stock has expanded to include a new Japanese manga section. The staff also offers an eBay service for those hard to find comic issues, as well as extensive knowledge in memorabilia surrounding comic book heroes.



53. Starbucks

Employees: Alexandra Götze - [info]gotze
Shannon Lillian Shepard - [info]lilshepard
54. Golden Dragon Chinese Takeout
Open 10am-11pm, Sun-Thur; 10am-3am Fri-Sat

Golden Dragon Chinese Takeout offers a wide menu selection of traditional American-Chinese cuisine. They provide takeout, dine-in and delivery (within a five mile radius) of reasonably priced menu items in the area. Popular items include a wide selection of appetizers, seasame noodles, sweet and sour items, and a daily chef's special. Online ordering is also available. Minimum order of $10 for delivery.


55. The Mad Batter's Cakes and Creations
Open 5am-6pm, Mon-Sun

When the aging original owner of the local bakery and her family decided it was time to pass on her oven mitts to a new baker in 2001, they found a suitable replacement in The Mad Batter. After a brief closing stint to give the bakery a new coat of paint (and name), the bakery reopened from the classical old-fashioned shop into a unique and sometimes whimsical place to order just about any type of baked good. Serving a wide range of good from pastries, cakes, and even fresh baked bread, customers are always coming back for more.

Owner: The Mad Batter - NPC

56. Angel's Bistro
Open 9am-10pm, Mon-Sun

Formerly housed a struggling wine cellar, but after the business went under it was bought and re-purposed into Angel's Bistro. Angel's opened under the new name and business structure in 1994. Angel's soon established itself as a great place to stop in for a quick bite of great food. They proudly serve the community of Providence with locally roasted coffee, fresh soups & sandwiches, fine wine & handcrafted ales and lagers.


57. House

Evan Reinhardte - [info]reinhardte & Cale Hart - [info]caleh

58. House

JJ may be the resident stoner, but most of the neighbors wish that dear old great-great aunt Augusta had willed her house to anyone else. Jared lives on the rent that he charges students to reside in the other 7 bedrooms in his own live action version of "Animal House." With all the parties and the never ending noise, maybe this isn't the best place for serious students to live.

Jared - NPC

Daniel Nowakowski - [info]dowski
Brennan Smith - [info]brenns

59. House

Vincent Kennerty, [info]knrty
Adelaide Clare, [info]addieclare - (apartment above house)

60. House

Kendall Larrimore - [info]kendall

61. House

Natalie Lawrence, [info]natlawrence

62. House

Gabe Manicotti, [info]gmanicotti

63. House


64. House


65. House

Carlton Bosch - [info]carltonbosch

66. House


67. House

Anson Riehle - [info]riehle
Sloane Whelan - [info]aswhelan

68. House


If you would like to help the moderators in describing the buildings below, please feel free to fill the following forms and comment to us or link us to a page that contains the description. Same goes for suggesting a new business for one of the empty lots! All comments are screened. Credit will be properly assigned.


rules [02 Jan 2000|04:49pm]


We have no interest in treating anyone like children, so the rules are pretty straight forward:

  1. Don't be an ass. (Unless you're a smartass.)
  2. Have fun.
  3. Please use your common sense! This includes everything you've ever heard about rp etiquette, not mixing ic/ooc, no drama llamas and being mindful to other players. Please be realistic about your plots. Mod approval is not required for dramatic plots, but we trust our players to do their research if they choose to go down that path.
  4. There's no activity limit, but the mods will put up periodical activity checks that players are asked to reply to in order to secure their place in the game. That being said, please be active! This means interacting with a variety of characters in the game on at least a semi-regular basis. Merely posting an entry every few weeks is not enough to count towards activity requirements!
  5. At the moment, there is no character limit, but if you have more than three characters, any new application you submit will be reviewed based on how well you balance your current activity.
  6. Make sure your PB is age appropriate and remember icons are in-character, so make sure they suit your character. That being said, you will not be judged on icons, graphics or layouts during the application process. Please note that due to image copyright issues, this game does not accept original PBs. If you're not sure a face you'd like to use qualifies, please feel free to ask in advance!
  7. Due to the legalities of game content and thematic elements involving adults, all characters accepted into the game must be at least 18 (eighteen) years of age to be considered. All played-by faces must be 18 years of age as well.
  8. Don't break the rules! (Duh!) It may cost your position in the game.
  9. Have fun! (It's so important, we're saying it twice! With exclamation marks!!)

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About Us

townsquare is a town game based around four fictional blocks in the city of Providence, Rhode Island. This is an old school PB game, with very few gimmicks. We will focus mainly on character development and writing. Scenes will routinely be posted in the threads community. Strikethroughs are allowed and not visible to characters in game. Activity via only customs is discouraged, but [Locked to So-and-So] posts are welcome. Text messages, emails, voicemails, deliveries and all other communications have their own community and we love to see them around. There will be no random or lyrics communities - those types of entries may be posted in your character's journal, along with anything else of interest. We realize this is not a game for everyone, but for those who are looking for a place to just write out their characters, we hope it will be your next favorite home.

The moderators have mapped out the four fictional blocks on which the game is based, for your benefit. There, you will find a micro-cosmos of businesses, houses and apartments buildings, all within the mile radius. Townsquare is more of a neighborhood game than anything else, but your character is not required to live or work there, as long as they have some sort of connection to the four blocks (a family member who lives or works there, for example). We welcome characters of all backgrounds and hope to have a diverse cast to allow for unexpected and fun interactions!


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